Other Industries

Steel and Mining

We offer standard and customized pumps and equipment:

  • descaling pumps for steel and rolling mills industry;
  • hydraulic coke unloading systems;
  • pumps for coal dust suppression;
  • water supply system;
  • for steel processing
  • for mine water drainage
  • for pumping coal-water drainage

We produces screw compression unit for coal and mining industries for the supply of compressed air to pneumatic machinery used for sinking vertical shafts and horizontal mine workings, are used in mobile drilling machines , and for development of power air.


Our pumps are widely used for mono- and diethanolamines aqueous solutions transfer; harmful, flammable, volatile flammable and explosive liquids, various reagents; polymers, rubber substance and other chemically active liquids; oils, paints, cosmetic fluids and creams, detergents.

Compressor equipment are used in various processes of chemical industry:centrifugal, screw compressors and systems for air and various gases; refrigerators.

Marine and navy

We supply pumps for ship building in the Russian dockyards and port infrastructure projects:

  • Gear pumps;
  • Progressing cavity pumps;
  • Twin-screw pumps;
  • Triple-screw pumps.


HMS Group offer pumps for the following applications:

  • sugar refinery;
  • dairy;
  • general purpose progressing cavity food pump

Pulp-and-paper industry

Our pumps are used in pulp and paper technological processes for cellulose fiber slurry transfer and processing.
Wetted parts are made of stainless steel, chemically stable in acid and alkaline fluids.