About company

HMS Group is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial pumps and compressors for oil & gas industry, power generation, metals and mining, water & wastewater utilities. Continuous development of engineering capabilities enabled the Company to become one of the major players in the market of modular equipment and technological units.

HMS Group business consists of three specialized business units that produce equipment and deliver integrated solutions (from project design and equipment manufacturing to commissioning and after-sales service).

The Industrial Pumps Division develops, manufactures and supplies the pumping equipment (pumps and pumping stations) for oil & gas industry, chemistry and petrochemistry, nuclear and conventional power generation, water supply and wastewater treatment, as well as for metals & mining.

The HMS Compressor Business Unit supplies centrifugal and rotary screw compressors, gas compression systems and compressor stations, refrigerating systems for oil& & gas industry, metals & mining and power generation.

The Oil & Gas Equipment and Projects Business Unit develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment as well as provides services for oil & gas companies. Examples of the products include highly customized skid-mounted and modular equipment; oil, gas and gas condensate pumping stations; automated flow measuring units; chemicals dosing units; tanks and pressure vessels.