Products, solutions, service

HMS Group offers a wide range of standard and engineered products as well as modular technological units and other solutions to its customers. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to develop and deliver best-in-class products and services required by our clients.

The company produces not only standard pumps, compressors or oil & gas equipment, but also develops customized solutions from scratch according to the specific goals of the project. What is more, we provide after-sales services and full range of spare parts during the whole life cycle of the product.

Following our clients’ needs, we develop and manufacture new and upgraded lines of the products: pumps, compressors and oil & gas equipment. The products are tailored to provide optimal performance under different operating conditions.

HMS also performs as an EP / EPC contractor within the largest industrial projects and may develop integrated solutions (including crucial technological processes), execute project management, delivery, installation and commissioning of the systems.

HMS Group possesses strong engineering and project management capabilities that ensure successful execution of the projects in oil & gas industry, water supply and wastewater treatment facilities and help our clients to achieve their goals.