Pumps for Nuclear Power

The main product range of the pumping equipment for normal and safe operation of the nuclear power plants is manufactured by the HMS Group companies:

  • Condensate pumps KSVA and KSA of the 1st and 2nd lift and drainage of the low pressure heaters and moisture separators-reheaters
  • Boiler feed pumps PTA , PEA, SPE for water supply from deaerator to feed steam generators of the primary circuit; pumps CN for barrier fluid supply to the seal lock for the main circulation pump
  • Low and high-pressure coolant pumps CN and CNR; sprinkler pumps CNSA
  • Emergency feed pumps PEA and CNA
  • New generation of double suction pumps DeLium for cooling water supply to various processes at the power plant
  • Centrifugal double suction pumps D and VA for the water supply systems
  • Fire fighting pumps CN
  • Dosing pumps AS-ND for transfer of the liquid radioactive waste
  • Pumps CNA for supply of clean and chemically active liquids in various systems of the power plants

Pumps for Thermal Power

The HMS Group companies manufacture the pumps for all processes of thermal power:

  • Boiler feed pumps PE
  • Condensate pumps KsV, 1KsV , КО
  • Circulation pumps CN 
  • Boiler acid pickling pumps MSK
  • Boiler feed booster pumps PD for the main pumps supply with feed water
  • Pumps AMKG, AMV, AMKV for steam turbines regulation systems
  • Heating systems circulation pumps SE for hot water
  • New generation of double suction pumps DeLium for water supply systems
  • Double suction pumps D  for the process water supply at various applications
  • Gear pumps SH and progressing cavity pumps A13V for lube oil supply to turbines, turbine-driven generators, boiler feed pumping untis

Compressors for Thermal Power

Design, manufacturing, and complex supplies of compressors and compressor systems for combined heat power plants and thermal power plants are performed by the companies of HMS Group.

  • Centrifugal compressor systems
  • Rotary screw compressor systems

Measuring equipment

Company of HMS Group manufactures the following measuring equipment for the energy sector companies:

  • Controllers
  • Gas flow meters
  • Gas consumption calculation units
  • Steam meters
  • Water consumption meters
  • Heat energy meters
  • Cold and hot water flow meters