Quality standards

The core principle of HMS Group operations is to guarantee the high quality of products and services.

Companies of the Group operate in compliance with up-to-date quality management standards confirmed by the internationally recognized certification bodies.

The Group has a unified Quality Management System (QMS), which follows all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Unified QMS allows to:

  • Apply strict requirements for processes and products for all companies of the Group.
  • Spread the best practice in quality management among all the companies of the Group.
  • Clients’ confidence in products and service of our Company is based on:
  • Consistent improvement of our basic products and development of the new energy efficient pumps, compressors and other oil & gas equipment, solutions and modular units.
  • Standardized approach for defining, implementing and improving all processes from product development and manufacturing to logistics and after-sales support.
  • Modern technologies and best practices in operational processes, which ensure high product quality and fulfilment of orders in time.
  • Development of the regional offices, the network of distributors and dealers in order to make our products and services more accessible for the customers.
  • Development of a strong and client-oriented team capable to ensure all client requirements for HMS products and services.