The HMS Group companies manufacture a wide range of pumps for all processes of water supply and sewage disposal:

  • New generation of double suction pumps HMS DeLium
  • New generation of borehole submersible pumps HMS Ciris
  • Borehole submersible pumps HMS Fortis
  • Automatic pressure boosting systems
  • Upgraded diesel-driven pumping units DNA
  • Centrifugal double-suction pumps D
  • Centrifugal overhung pumps  К, 1К, 2К , КМ , КМL
  • Vortex pumps  VK, VKS, VKO, centrifugal vortex pumps CVK, free-vortex pumps  SMS
  • Waste water pumps SM
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps VVN
  • Waste water pumps SMO (V), SJ, SD, NCS

Household pumps

  • Vibration pumps Malysh
  • Submersible sewage pumps Gnom
  • Progressing cavity pumps Burun
  • Borehole submersible pumps BCP

Pump control and protection panels

  • HMS Control L3  panels for a single pump
  • HMS Control L4  panels with extended remote control functions for a single pump
  • HMS Control ST panels for surface installation pumps

Measuring equipment 

Company manufactures the following measuring equipment:

  • Controllers
  • Steam meters
  • Fluid meters
  • Water flow meters
  • Heat energy meters
  • Cold and hot water flow meters