Mining, ore processing works, and metallurgy

The HMS Group companies manufacture the general purpose and specialized pumps for metallurgy, mining, and ore processing industry companies:
  • Water descaling pumps CNS for steel industry and coal hydraulic discharge systems
  • New generation of double suction pumps HMS DeLium for water supply to various processes at the steel works
  • Centrifugal double suction pumps D for supply of water for operations of the ore processing
  • Slurry pumps for abrasive mixtures GrA, GrAT(К), GrAR,GrAU, GrU, Gr, 1GrТ, 1GrТ(К), 2GrТ(К), PR(VP), PK(VP), PVP, PRM
  • Mine dewatering pumps N1V
  • Coal dust suppression pumps CNS
  • Pumps KU for coal-water mixtures

The HMS Group companies manufacture the rotary screw compressors and systems for air supply for pneumatic machinery and mechanisms used in operations of coal production and mining processes.